Box Nine Galleries

This gallery was designed by using the existing structural aspects of the interior site in order to enhance the way in which guests will circulate & experience the gallery overall.

This project consisted of designing four full floors of exhibition & gallery space for The New School's archived art collection, as well as student based work. The main focus was current student work that could be displayed in all areas of the existing site. Viewpoints were generated from various angles of visibility & user experience within the exhibition & dining room. The angled “box” design creates an interior gallery space with exterior ciruclation zones within the larger building & site. Below are detail drawings of the café window, the stair, & the food display cabinet.  The sections & renderingsgive a visual to the “floatingbox” & angles created fromthe preliminary research,studies, & plans.

Lower Level
Street, Lobby Level
Second Level
Café, Third Level
Section #1
Section #2
Section #3
Lower Level Render
Street, Lobby Level Render
Second Level Render
Circulation Render
Café Level Render
Café Level Render
Facade Render