Sanatorium of Chromatic Healing

This project was completed in conjunction with another student as part of our senior capstone/thesis.


We began with an initial study of light, its
origin, color, the way in which our brains
perceive & receive light and color (image
above; our brains and eyes have
receptors, or cones, that are
predominantly sensitive to & reflects the
primary colors of red, green, blue, &
yellow; every other color is created by
mixing the primary colors; image below) &
the science of sleep & the stages of sleep. I was responsible for this area of our preliminary studies.

We thoroughly analyzed chakras and chromotherapy next. My project partner was responsible for this section of our research. Each chakra directly corresponds to a specific spectrum of light & the astrological signs based on month & date of birth. Chromotherapy is the act of projecting various colors of light on specific parts of the body in order to heal certain mental or physical disorders. Chromotherapy was created by Dinshah P. Ghadiali, an Indian born scientist.

Dinshah generated a set of color recipes that when
combined, will heal the body of a specific ailment. Each
recipe was a combination of projecting different colors on different parts of the body to cure one specific illness or disorder (images for illness recipes above & images for chakras and body areas to the left).

The project evolved into the challenge of
creating a sanatorim incoproarting all
aspects of our preliminary research. We
first chose a site in New York City, a large
empty lot on 11th street & Avenue A, &
then, using the seven chakra circles (red
represents the first chakra, the orange
represents the second chakra...etc refer
to the “Full-Spectrum Light Humans”
diagram) I created a conceptual diagram
that would represent the final site &
building model.

Chakra Body Diagram
Tonation Body
Illness Recipes
Illness Recipes
Structural and Conceptual Overlay
First Floor, 1st Chakra
First Floor, Structural Diagram
Second Floor, 2nd Chakra
Second Floor, Structural Diagram
Third Floor, 3rd Chakra
Third Floor, Structural Diagram
Fourth Floor, 4th Chakra
Fourth Floor, Structural Diagram
Fifth Floor, 5th Chakra
Fifth Floor, Structural Diagram
Sixth Floor, 6th Chakra
Sixth Floor, Structural Diagram
Seventh Floor, 7th Chakra
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Fifth Floor, 5th Chakra Render
Sixth Floor, 6th Chakra, Area #1
Sixth Floor, 6th Chakra, Area #1
Sixth Floor, 6th Chakra, Area #1
Sixth Floor, 6th Chakra, Area #2
Sixth Floor, 6th Chakra, Area #3
Sixth Floor, 6th Chakra, Area #3
Seventh Floor, 7th Chakra,
Sleeping Quarters Model
Sleeping Quarters Model
Sleeping Quarters Model
Lighting Condition Model
Lighting Condition Model
Concept Models
Concept Models
Concept Model + Site
Large Site + Building Concept Model
Large Site + Building Concept Model
Large Site + Building Concept Model
Large Site + Building Concept Model
Large Site + Building Concept Model
Sleeping Quarters Rendering

My project partner took each circle protruded them upward in order to create the sanatorium & each of the seven levels. The
red chakra floor, floor one, was extended up 10 feet from the ground, the orange chakra floor, floor two, was extended up 20
feet from the ground...etc. The structure that surrounds each floor, which are connected to a large building at the rear of each
floor that house the sleeping quarters for each patient, was generated by my project partner from a series of trusses, inspired
by bridge technology, to allow each floor to appear suspended & floating.

Each floor represents a different chakra and focuses on a different part of the body in accordance to the chakra itself & the varying disorders that affect the body. The sanatorium focuses on healing the body through chromotherapy while integrating the use of the chakras themselves & the physiological effects of light through the brain & on the body.  The preliminary sketch & concept models represent a lighting condition that exists within the interior space, an example of the sleeping quarters, & the structure within the site. The series of renderings representing the interior healing spaces on the 6th & 7th floors &the exterior structure & building of the sanatorium itself.