Water Vessel, Stages of Water

This piece was created as a final model for capturing the three stages of water in one vessel.

The project initially began with a study models that explore shape, form, and understanding the three stages of water: gas, liquid, and ice. In addition to these explorations, I also explored body movements that are directly associated and can be performed with each stage of water. The movements are as follows: a skip or jump, long strides, and laying down.  A water vessel was created by combining the movements and studymodel explorations sequentially. The vessel was created out ofvarying sizes of basswood strips. The vessel emerged from a sketchof a seven-sided polygon. and was then repeated and extended intoa long structure. The vessel encapsulates each stage of watersequentially: a mist zone (gas), a frozen zone (ice), and a hot bathzone (liquid).  The vessel was constructed out of 1/8” bass wood sticks that range in size based on the stage of water they are meant to enclose. The smaller criss-crossing pieces become more dense as they proceed to thesmaller polygons in order to support a more open space to a more secluded private space.

Side View of the "hot water bath"
Side View of the "Ice hall"
Bird's Eye View of Vessel
Full Side View of Vessel
Interior View of the Hot Water Bath
Shadows of the Vessel